Thursday, March 31, 2011

Look of the Day : Terry Pheto At Marie Claire Beauty Awards 2011

Terry Pheto in a  Thula Sindi dress at the 2011  Marie Claire Prix' D  Excellence Awards (Beauty Awards )  held 13 March 2011  at Radisson Blue ( Sandton Eye ) Hotel .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Autumn/ Winter Hair Trend 2011 : New Take on Fringes

 One of  the hottest trends for  Autumn /Winter 2011 is surprise surprise  the Fringe. Everywhere where you go in mzansi someone is rocking some kind of a fringe do. Below are 3  new takes  on the fringe that will have you looking  hot and happening .


High or Low Ponytail with Flat Ironed  Blunt  Fringe .


Blunt Fringe teamed up with Pretty Girly Curls to Give that Sexy Pinup Girl Look.


We  see  a return of a popular  early 90's look , the Bowl Cut. Remember or Google ( depending on your age ) Anita Baker / Halle Berry / Toni Braxton early 90's. Why it's called the bowl cut is  it looks as if someone  sat a bowl  on top of  your head and cut off the perimeters. In my opinion should be called the HUT CUT  cause it resembles a traditional hut. Still think it looks hot  though. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Current "Fave" Beauty Product : Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner

Right now I am currently loving my  Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black . It's the best of  both worlds , the smudagbility of a kohl pencil (great if make a mistake )  and the precision of a liquid eye liner (minus  the mess and drama ) . It gives  you the popping eye effect  with no harsh lines.  Very easy to apply (especially if you have a quality fine tip brush ) , it glides on smoothly  and quickly dries. BB gel eyeliner stays put the whole day and does not wear off , unlike pencils which start  disappearing or smudging   after two hours or so. Although it's a bit pricey(ya tsipa) , its  a worthy beauty investment. This one is a keeper ladies and  I don't foresee myself falling  out of love soon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Recognizing Your Skin Type

One of the most common questions I get asked is  : WHAT IS MY SKIN TYPE?

Here are some tips on helping you determine your skin type : 

Normal Skin 
You have normal  skin if your skin .................
  • Complexion is even (uniform texture &pigment )
  • Have few or no blemishes (dark marks /spots ) 
  • No oily sheen or dry spots .
  • Has few breakouts 
  • Appears soft , clear and supple .
  • Pores are small in size
  • Is not overtly sensitive to the sun 

Oily Skin 
You have oily skin if your skin ............
  • Has all over shine 
  • Shine appears quickly
  • Pores are enlarged and / or open especially in the nose , chin and cheek  area 
  • Suffers from frequent blemishes ( blackheads and / or whiteheads)
  • May have an acne blemish ( dark spot from pimples ) 

Dry Skin 
You have dry skin if  your skin .........................
  • Looks and feels dry and tight
  • Pores are undetectable 
  • Lines appear early around the eyes, mouth and forehead.
  • Skin appears dull and cheeks and / or chin occasionally flakes
  • Blemishes are rarely a problem.
  • Extremely sensitive to sun and cold

Combination Skin 
Combination skin  is a mix of skin types. It occurs  when you have more than one type of skin type on your face such as oily  and dry skin .  In other words some skin areas are oily while others areas are dry. 

Oily-Normal Combination Skin :
You have Oily-Normal combination skin if your skin...

  •  Is oily in the T-panel (The cheeks , nose and chin are called the T-panel/ zone.)
  • Is normal across the cheeks, which are soft clear and supple.

Normal-Dry Combination Skin :
You have Normal-Dry combination skin if ...
  • Your skin is normal in the T-panel.
  • Excess oil and blemishes are rarely a problem.
  • Dry in the cheek area.

Oily-Dry Combination Skin :
You have Oily-Dry combination skin if you have...
  • An oily T-panel  with an oily sheen.
  •  Dry cheeks with taunt skin and no blemishes.

Sensitive Skin 
You have sensitive skin if your ..............
  •  Face has sensitivity to products  ( burning, itching or stinging )
  • Skin is delicate or thin 
  • Face has blotchy patches  (dry or red )

It is important to identify your skin type so you will be able to select the correct skin care products for your special needs . Different skins have different needs and if you do not know your skin type , you maybe using products that are not best for you.

Later Mzansi Beauties 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why is a foundation with a yellow undertone usually best ?

Most skin types have yellow undertones with true red undertones being extremely rare. Skin colour almost always has a yellow undertone since that is what the natural colour of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its natural colour ) tends to be. As a result , yellow -based foundations look more natural on most skin types ; from fair complexions to the darkest coloured skin. Pink or orange maybe be great for your cheeks and lips , but it doesn't make for the most natural- looking face. Remember , foundation is not to be used to change your face ; it should blend into your skin , making your other make-up appear more natural.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Types of Make Up Foundations

There are 5 main textures of foundations . Each one is specially formulated to meet the needs of specific skin types.

1. Cream Foundation is ideal for : Normal , combination and dry skin. It is especially well suited for women with uneven pigmentation , or those requiring a heavier coverage.

     Coverage : Medium to full

     Finish : Dewy

    What it does : Covers and conceals discolourations  and imperfections on the skin providing a flawless finish.

2. Liquid Foundation is ideal for  : All skin types . It is especially well suited for dry or mature skin 

   Coverage : Light to medium

   Finish : Dewy , satin or matte depending on the formulation 

  What it does : Evens out the skin tone by smoothing out any unevenness. It also provides added moisture to  the skin 

   Application : Use a makeup sponge  or a foundation brush 

3. Pressed powder foundation is ideal for : Oily skin 

   Coverage : Light to medium
   Finish : Matte

   What it does  : Evens the skin tone , hides the imperfections and absorbs excess oil .

  Application : Use a powder brush . The denser the bristles , the more product will be deposited on the skin .

4. Mineral Foundation is ideal for : All skin types ( except oily). It is especially well suited for those with sensitive skin or rosacea.

   Coverage : Light to medium

   Finish : Matte

   What it does  : Evens the skin tone , moisturizes , protects and absorbs excess oil .

  Application : Use a Kabuki brush to buff it on 

5. Tinted Moisturizer is ideal for : Normal and dry skin . It is especially well suited for those who need the extra hydration and just a touch of color to pull everything together.

   Coverage :Sheer to light 

  What it does : Lightly evens out the skin tone , while giving a true " no makeup " look .

   Application : Use a foundation brush 

Whatever your skin type , you have a variety of choices. Pick the one that is best for you and start reaping the benefits today.